Music and life


One of the forms of entertainment is music and it is regarded as a cultural activity wherein sound is the medium. Music takes its form through sound both by the person and the instruments. It’s a flow that has a beginning and an end, the sound that is made does many changes in a person’s mood and also in some cases energizes the body. Music can influence an individual’s nature, humor to make them get excited or in some cases, it is a soothing experience that makes an individual feel calm and relaxed. Almost all kinds of possible emotions and reactions can be obtained and experienced in day to day life with music.

Music is a form of entertainment

Music is different in different places all over the world as there are traditional forms of music, and these music forms include elements that are common such as rhythm, dynamics, pitch, Sonic qualities of timbre and texture, and many more. The music is created in many ways and for many occasions and it is also part of the entertainment industry wherein people compose and perform on stage. In the form of artistic expression along with ceremonial purposes and recreational purposes, music is created for various causes and reasons.

Music and life

Music is the arrangement and alignment of various kinds of sounds which has harmony and rhythm along with melody which is combined with the end of the tone can be made with various kinds of musical instruments. Not only humans but also various forms of life can create music and it is music of nature. Various feelings can be represented with the help of music and it can be termed as an emotional language that has no limitations or boundaries.

People suffering from depression or any kind of mental stress can turn on the music which helps as a good therapy and make them feel calm and relaxed. Music can express and imitate emotions which comforts an individual or group with lots of history behind it. People can gather together and can unite with the help of music.


Besides the music is soothing and calm with melodious sounds it can also be used in conveying experiences, sad or anger or even it can express the environment’s and emotions sometimes it can also impact productivity and also the perception of the universe which can sometimes increase thoughts which will be aggressive.

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