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Streaming platforms selection is much important

Streaming apps are amazing like anything instead of watching your favorite shows in theatres or multiplexes. Its popularity is speechless where you can see most people are extremely addicted to these streaming apps. So, choosing the right OTT platform is important for you to experience how incredible streaming you enjoy over here.

Let’s see some possible tips to trace out the right OTT platform:

  • Initially select the OTT or streaming apps based on your language genre to watch your favorite shows and all. Similarly, you can select the category of different movies in your desired language. It’s like comedy, thriller, horror movies like that.
  • Choose the OTT based on the number of users’ reviews, ratings based only. This will be helpful to your try at least. Some OTT’s offer their users to watch movies on a free trial basis. Some streaming apps allow the users to access the free trials, offers on particular occasions like that. So, that you may personally come to know about the OTT streaming app.

Streaming platforms

  • Some OTT platforms do display the shows in live streaming like if and if only you have the subscription in that desired platform. It’s better to choose such kind of live streaming OTT’s when comes to TV shows, dramas and all. For example, the Disney+hotstar streaming app is a platform that displays live TV shows exclusively.
  • You can create different accounts on different streaming platforms to watch your favorite movie. So, using different profile accounts is the biggest asset with these OTT’s. Choose the streaming apps that offer great services not only to adults but also to the kid’s point of view. You can find the OTT’s that offer kid genre movies, cartoon shows, etc. Majorly the streaming apps which are popularly used are Netflix, amazon prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Hungama play, etc.
  • Finding out the movies that you have already watched in the respectable OTT app. Some OTT‘s don’t display anything whether you have watched it earlier or not like the information. But some OTT’s do. They display with some marks that are watched already as seen.


Find out the OTT platform based on the language, category you want, web series, etc. you can also get access to these streaming app platforms on a trial basis for weeks or monthly basis. There is another advantage with these OTT’s is; you can use your family member or friend’s OTT profile to watch your favorites. It is because knowing the profile user id, password, you can access the profile of that streaming platform. Hence the above tricks are widely helpful to choose your desired OTT platform exclusively.

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Some challenges to be fulfilled by OTT platforms for better user experiences

The increasing demand for OTT is quite a commonly known thing. Especially in this pandemic situation, OTT platforms have acquired immense popularity that no one could imagine. Of course, there are rigorous benefits to these streaming apps. But there is some sort of challenges which turned out into failures when those aren’t concerned properly.

Let’s discuss in detail:

  • Some platforms don’t focus perfectly with the audience sometimes. The misunderstanding might be taken place. These platforms are failed to concentrate on their users about the searching criteria of what they are watching and what are they want to watch like that.
  • There is a challenge to OTT’s in providing their users in terms of desired category watch. For example, studying the user’s view is not happening with those OTT service providers. If a user watches TV shows, cartoons, web series, romantic movies, comedy movies, horror movies, etc. Check the particular user is concentrating on what category multiple times. Provide such movies intentionally to the user profile. This is the biggest challenge to the OTT platform providing companies.

OTT platforms

  • Majorly the primary issue the OTT’s face is the extreme competition with the remaining existing OTT platforms. For example, Netflix suffered a lot, in the beginning, to achieve the incredible user experiences with their services. But now, it is one of the best choices that users prefer to use. For example, this Netflix is providing one basic price per month to the mobile device and other prices to TV device and so on. Here the prices for paying OTT’s are different when paying to the smart device based. This is the beauty of some OTT’s. And thus the challenge of OTT reaching millions of users is not so easy when you go through the early times of its implementation in the market. Moreover, customers demand something which is not easily fulfilled by the OTT with ease.
  • There is another major challenge with OTT is providing a 3D movie experience where the users expect like a theatre watch. For example, when we visit any 3D or 4D movie, we use 3D glasses to feel the effects of the movie till the end. In the same way, users are expecting this kind of 3D watch in these OTT platforms, unlike the 2D watch experience.


Hence meeting the above-discussed expectations is not so easily fulfilled by the existed OTT’s. It takes time due to the demand in the market and you can see it has become much easier to launch new OTT’s. But when comes to fulfilling and managing the user’s expectations, it’s not be done easily. Of course, we all know that during the lockdown, this OTT is the movie master where people are fed up with the absence of theatres. We have experienced new releases too.