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Some challenges to be fulfilled by OTT platforms for better user experiences

The increasing demand for OTT is quite a commonly known thing. Especially in this pandemic situation, OTT platforms have acquired immense popularity that no one could imagine. Of course, there are rigorous benefits to these streaming apps. But there is some sort of challenges which turned out into failures when those aren’t concerned properly.

Let’s discuss in detail:

  • Some platforms don’t focus perfectly with the audience sometimes. The misunderstanding might be taken place. These platforms are failed to concentrate on their users about the searching criteria of what they are watching and what are they want to watch like that.
  • There is a challenge to OTT’s in providing their users in terms of desired category watch. For example, studying the user’s view is not happening with those OTT service providers. If a user watches TV shows, cartoons, web series, romantic movies, comedy movies, horror movies, etc. Check the particular user is concentrating on what category multiple times. Provide such movies intentionally to the user profile. This is the biggest challenge to the OTT platform providing companies.

OTT platforms

  • Majorly the primary issue the OTT’s face is the extreme competition with the remaining existing OTT platforms. For example, Netflix suffered a lot, in the beginning, to achieve the incredible user experiences with their services. But now, it is one of the best choices that users prefer to use. For example, this Netflix is providing one basic price per month to the mobile device and other prices to TV device and so on. Here the prices for paying OTT’s are different when paying to the smart device based. This is the beauty of some OTT’s. And thus the challenge of OTT reaching millions of users is not so easy when you go through the early times of its implementation in the market. Moreover, customers demand something which is not easily fulfilled by the OTT with ease.
  • There is another major challenge with OTT is providing a 3D movie experience where the users expect like a theatre watch. For example, when we visit any 3D or 4D movie, we use 3D glasses to feel the effects of the movie till the end. In the same way, users are expecting this kind of 3D watch in these OTT platforms, unlike the 2D watch experience.


Hence meeting the above-discussed expectations is not so easily fulfilled by the existed OTT’s. It takes time due to the demand in the market and you can see it has become much easier to launch new OTT’s. But when comes to fulfilling and managing the user’s expectations, it’s not be done easily. Of course, we all know that during the lockdown, this OTT is the movie master where people are fed up with the absence of theatres. We have experienced new releases too.

Entertainment Events Movies Music TV Shows

What do you understand with the term entertainment?

Entertainment is the term that holds the interest of living for every human being. It gives pleasure and generates awareness to live our lives in a better way. Every individual has a different taste for interest in which they find their entertainment. Some people like to watch movies while some like to dance, their hobbies add entertainment to their lives. Watching or playing any sports, painting, sketching, and reading are some sources for entertainment in which people find their entertainment according to their interest. Entertainment word is not limited to any specific field rather it is something that has no limit. We can also explain it as an activity that provides interest to any individual in which he/ she feels good about doing.

Term entertainment

  • Importance of entertainment in our lives: The necessity of entertainment in our lives is as important as much as we need to eat food to live. It plays a big role to live a happy and normal life for all human beings. Nowadays people have unlimited sources for their entertainment. Countless options of different activities encourage people more and more so that they can easily release their stress in this competitive world.
  • Benefits of entertainment: Although our life is really needed for entertainment more than it this gives us several benefits to live a happy life.
  1. Every person who has much interest in doing some activity he feels good to do it and perhaps this is the real motive of entertainment for our lives. When an individual does his favourite activity it helps in relieving the stress. It provides a pleasant fee which is entertainment.
  2. The industry of entertainment is very vast. It has no limitations and the people who work for this industry are also countless. So we can say entertainment is also a way that employs countless people.
  3. It is the biggest source that promotes different talents and creative ideas before the public. Making movies, creating music, and so on are the largest mode to show your talent before everyone.

Conclusion: It is a little bit difficult to explain the term entertainment into a single definition. This industry is as big as its sources are unlimited. Entertainment is a means by which we can keep our culture alive and also nurture it. At last, we can say entertainment is our necessity to live our life happily.

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Health Advantages You Get While Hearing Music

It is always interesting to hear a specific song which can make you feel calm and happen. The people living on this earth are born with the capability of understanding the difference among noise and music. The brains of us is created with various pathways to process various types of music incorporating tempo, rhythm, heart rate, and blood pressure. As the music effects on individuals is not understandable. However, when you hear music that you love or like, your brain releases dopamine chemical. It can even lift your mood. You can feel emotions like sadness, happiness, joy, and fear through hearing music. It can even possess the power to heal you, enhance your wellbeing and health. Let’s discuss about the music health benefits for an individual. 

How hearing music can make you healthy?

Decreases levels of stress:

When you listen to music which is relaxing, it can be displayed that it reduces your anxiety and stress and make people healthy. It is amazing medicine for the individuals who are undergoing the medical treatments.

Improves your exercise:

Many of the studies and research advices that music can improve in boosting physical and mental stimulation, improves entire performance, and aerobic exercise.

Hearing Music

Relieves you from pain;

The patients who are healing from surgery that listened to music during or before or after the surgery. Listening to music decreases your pain and the entire fulfilment is contrasted with the patients that do not listen to music.

Enhances cognition:

Listening to the music will help the individuals having alzheimer’s diseases. They seem to lose their memories. It can also help in managing some abilities mentally.

Soothes premature babies:

Lullabies and live music can influence the vital signs, sucking patterns, enhance behaviours of feeding in premature babies. This might improve the prolonged quiet alert states in infants.

Helps children with autism:

Many of the research states that the children having spectrum disorder of autism that obtained music therapy displayed enhancement in attention skills, communication skills, and social responses.

Offers comfort:

The therapy of music is also utilized to help improve coping, communication, feeling expressions like loneliness, anger, and feat in the one that have serious illness issues. The music helps them in having a better care and life.

Enhances memory:

Many studies have displayed that the repetitive rhythm elements and melody helps our brain to from a path way or pattern. This type of pattern forming improving memory. Many of the survivors of strokes mainly the one who listens to music had improved their attention and verbal memory. 

Thus, these are some of the health benefits of listening music all the time. 

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The creativity of musicians is enhanced with advanced technology

With advanced technology, there are changes in every category that have got experienced. Start from the common individuals to reputed personalities, technology is assisting everywhere. So, when comes to a creative field like music, its change is extremely going popular. In the past, composing different instruments to get sound music what the content need is gone much difficult. But due to the advancement of some technologies allow the musicians to perform fantastic like ever before.

Let’s see some technologies that improve the musician creative compositions:

As we have come across initially the first music system is phonograph. It’s like an mp3 player. It is the primary device in the music field to regenerate recorded sound. You know we hear music categories like jazz, blues like that as it acquired huge popularity which stands as the current music technology today.


And some more to discuss below;

  • As we all know that recording a particular song in one take is not so easy. But with the existence of innovative music technologies like multitrack recording, it sounds possible nowadays. It is entirely digitalized technology where musicians and sound engineers are recording the entire music track in a single take. This multi-track recording is nothing but here the songs are segmented into some portions with significant time intervals. If the song or album comes into a perfect state after experimenting many times, then multitrack recording helps you to complete the music track once in a time easily. This is why pop albums have become much popular as all the songs are done with the help of this multitrack recording.
  • There are other innovative technology namely effect pedals which are used to recreate the music by adding some required effects. For example, you can see this instrument in live studios especially where you can add chorus, distortions like that along with the song track. This technology is very much helpful to the musicians for adding any kind of effects required to the music track.
  • In the past, auto-tuning of voices is quite difficult to compose but as of now, there is an instrument vocoder that let the voices auto-tuned. You can bend the voices and alter those voices as per your interest.


You know from the above-discussed changes are great innovative technologies that allowing the musicians to perform more creatively. Even your pc will help you to compose the music much creatively. Such kind of advanced technologies has been taken place today which is not yet seen in the past.